2018 Dulcimer Chautauqua On The Wabash  

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2018 Dulcimer Chautauqua On The Wabash Workshop / Class Enrollment Form

Mark your first class choice for each session by putting a "1" in the space for that class. Please also choose an alternate class for each session by placing a "2" in the space for that class. We will make every effort to get you into your first choice!

*Refer to the Workshop Description page for details about the class content, materials, & level.

Friday, October 19th morning workshops (9:00 - 11:00 a.m.)

______  1A  Joe Collins: Fun Songs For Beginners (Beginner)

______  1B  Molly McCormack: Composing Your Own Melodies (Advanced)

______  1C  Sarah Morgan: Shape Notes Hymns On The Dulcimer (Novice) 

______  1D  Stephen Seifert: A System For Memorizing & Using Chords In D-A-D (Intermediate)

______  1E  Rick Thum: Free Embellishment (Intermediate)

______  1F  Ted Yoder: Hammer Hold & Simple Songs (Beginner)

Friday, October 19th afternoon workshops (2:30 - 4:30 p.m.)

______  2A  Joe Collins: Crossing Over To The Fun Side (Novice & Up)

______  2B  Molly McCormack: Jamming Survival (Beginner)

______  2C  Sarah Morgan: Eastern Kentucky Fiddle Tunes By Ear (Intermediate/Advanced) 

______  2D  Stephen Seifert: Introduction To Flatpicking (Intermediate)

______  2E  Rick Thum: Embellishing From The Melody Note (Advanced)

______  2F  Ted Yoder: Take A Song Beyond Melody (Novice)

Saturday, October 20th morning workshops (9:00 - 11:00 a.m.)

______  3A  Joe Collins: Basic Harmony (Intermediate & Up)

______  3B  Molly McCormack: Sing Along Songs On The Mountain Dulcimer (Novice & Up)

______  3C  Sarah Morgan: Easy, Short Appalachian Tunes By Ear (Beginner)

______  3D  Stephen Seifert: Alternate Tunings For Mountain Dulcimer (Intermediate/Advanced)

______  3E  Rick Thum: Unlocking Your Dulcimer (Beginner)

______  3F  Ted Yoder: Get Control (Intermediate)

Saturday, October 20th afternoon workshops (2:30 - 4:30 p.m.)

______  4A  Joe Collins: Master Class (Advanced)

______  4B  Molly McCormack: Songs From The Mountains (Intermediate)

______  4C  Sarah Morgan: Left Hand Mastery (Intermediate)

______  4D  Stephen Seifert: Shortcuts For Beginning Dulcimer Players (Beginner)

______  4E  Rick Thum: Chording Made Easy (Novice)

______  4F  Ted Yoder: Fun With Rudiments & Polyrhythms (Advanced)

*Completed forms should be mailed along with registration form and check to:

    Rick Huffman

    1 Parkview Dr.

    New Harmony, In. 47631