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2022 Dulcimer Chautauqua on the Wabash Workshop Descriptions & Schedule

Mark your first class choice for each session by putting a "1" in the space for that class. Please also choose an alternate class for each session by placing a "2" in the space for that class. We will make every effort to get you into your first choice!

*Refer to the Workshop Description page for details about the class content, materials, & level.

Friday, October 14th early morning workshops (8:30 - 9:45 a.m.)

______ 1A Phyllis Woods Brown: HD/Intermediate-Advanced  All The Extras, Please!

All things magnificent! All things special! All things that take an arrangement from "I don't know how" all the way to "I made them say WOW". The intros, interludes, arpeggios, chord substitutions, slides, and valley rolls. The meter changes and key changer. The riffs, runs, and rolls. From blah to fancy. You'll get some good ideas from this class!

______ 1B Jessica Comeau: MD/All Levels  Discovering Your Dulcimer Identity

This class invites participants to identify the kind of music that energizes, refreshes, inspires, or comforts them and to learn how the dulcimer can be a vehicle for this music. We will explore different keys and tunings that might awaken the creative spark as well as conduct a survek of different musical genres that others have embraced using the dulcimer. With the assistance of a perspective deeply devoted to inspiration and creativity, we can begin (or enrich) the journey to shaping our styles as musical artists and dulcimer players. Please bring your capo along! 

______ 1C Dana Gruber: MD/Advanced Beginner  Get Your Capo On!

This class will cover the basics of using a capo while learning some fun "Twists" on traditional fiddle tunes. *Capo required.

______ 1D Molly McCormack: MD/Intermediate  Jean Ritchie and the Ritchie Family Tunes

We'll learn some of Jean Ritchie's originals and some old tunes collected and sung by her family.

______ 1E DeeDee Tibbits: Whistle/Beginner  Which End Do I Blow In?

Explore the whistle... fingerings, breath control, and reading the notes.

Friday, October 14th late morning workshops (10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)

______ 2A Phyllis Woods Brown: HD/Adv Beginner-Intermediate  The Triangle Scale- Oh the Things It Can Teach You!                                                                   This class is not JUST the triangle scale! The principles learned with this one scale can take you through a half dozen forms of embellishing.                                       This class is for those who want to start embellishing melodies on their own without having to rely on other people's arrangements

______ 2B Jessica Comeau: MD/Intermediate  Soothing Celtic Lullabies

Come and be carried away on the comforting melodies of Celtic lullabies. In this workshop we will be learning traditional melodies of both Ireland and Wales: "Suo Gan," "Gartan Mother's Lullaby," and "Baidein Fheidhimidh (Philip's Little Boat)." The selections are suitable for players at the intermediate level. The home tuning will be D-A-D, and we will move into some gentle retuning.

______ 2C Dana Gruber: MD/Beginner  Secrets to Successful Playing  

If you are new to the mountain dulcimer this class is for you! We'll cover techniques to get you started with good basic skills while learning some fun easy tunes.

______ 2D Molly McCormack: MD/ALL Levels  Singing in Different Keys with Your Dulcimer

Love to sing, but can't find the right key to suit your voice? You'll learn how to find the right key for your voice and how to play in keys other than the key of D. 

*Bring a capo.

______ 2E DeeDee Tibbits: WHISTLE/ Advanced Beginner  "NOW WHAT??"

Learn some tunes and tricks to get better! Also let's learn some rounds!

Friday, October 14th early afternoon workshops (2:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.)

______ 3A Phyllis Woods Brown: MD/Beginner-Intermediate  All Those Cool Licks and Where To Use Them

Come learn all the little licks and tags that you hear played but aren't written on the music. It's the difference between just playing bum-ditty-bum-ditty on the long notes and playing something that sounds better than that. Easy ways to remember them too! (Hint: this technique makes you sound more accomplished as a mountain dulcimer player

______ 3B Jessica Comeau: MD/Intermediate-Advanced  Roving Jewels

Many ballad traditions in England and the United States have immortalized strong heroines and antiheroines who were renowned for their cleverness and resourcefulness. This workshop will magnify some of these unforgettable figures. Selections will include "Sova," "Wedding Dress," and "Katie Cruel." Please bring your capo!

______ 3C Dana Gruber: Chromatic MD/Intermediate  Simon & Garfunkel

Add a beautiful song to your repertoire as we discover a classic Simon & Garfunkel tune

This class is for ALL levels who want to learn how to accompany other players with chords at jams and play dates. It's not as easy as it looks!

______ 3D Molly McCormack: MD/Beginner  Beginning Jamming Skills

Learn the fastest way to join a jam. We'll cover strumming, fretting, listening skills, and basic chords. D-A-d tuning.

______ 3E DeeDee Tibbits: HD/Beginner  Hammered Dulcimer I

Let's find out our war around this amazing instrument! Applying scales and arpeggios as we do it!

Friday, October 14th late afternoon workshops (4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.)

______ 4A Phyllis Woods Brown: MD/Beginner-Intermediate  Oh, Yes you CAN Play by Ear!

So many of us simply say we can't play by ear, when we actually CAN with a little practice and some guidance! This class will help you get started playing your mountain dulcimer by ear, so that you can join in on a jam even when you don't know the tune that they're playing. All it takes is a little groundwork and a little practice!

______ 4B Jessica Comeau: MD/Advanced  Irish Harvest Festival

In traditional Irish culture, the end of the harvest season was celebrated with a great festival! In tribute to the spirit of the Irish celebrations for this time of year, I would like to invite you to join me in gathering a sprig of songs about feasting and camaraderie: "Star of County Down," "Colcannon'" and "New Potatoes." Our home tuning will be D-A-D.

______ 4C Dana Gruber: MD/Intermediate  Polka Jam

Start up the bubble machine and join us for this fun toe-tappin' class as we explore the world of polkas.

______ 4D Molly McCormack: MD/ALL Levels  Songs For Children

Playing for young audiences can be fun, but also a challenge to keep them engaged. Learn some fun tunes and tricks that work with many different age groups, preschoolers to Middle schoolers.

______ 4E DeeDee Tibbits: HD/Advanced Beginner  Hammered Dulcimer II

Teach me some tunes that I can play alone or with somebody!

Saturday, October 15th early morning workshops (8:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.)

______ 5A Phyllis Woods Brown: HD/Intermediate  Gently Blows the Snow

This is a tune that Phyllis wrote back in 2011, and it's her most requested at play-outs and concerts. It's a slow, 3-part tune in the key of G that is, in a word, peaceful. This song will teach you how to embellish with root position chords, do hammer slides and turns, and how to use dynamics to capture the hearts of your audience.

______ 5B Jessica Comeau: MD/Adv Beginner-Intermediate  Ancestors of the Mountain Dulcimer

The mountain dulcimer has connections with many other European zithers. Each song in this workshop  will pay homage to the dulcimer's ancestral instruments and their countries of origin; along the way, we will also discover more about the nature of these instruments. The home tuning will be D-A-D; we will play one song in D-G-D. Please bring your capo!

______ 5C Dana Gruber: MD/Beginner & Up  Chord Accompaniment Styles

This class is for ALL levels who want to learn how to accompany other players with chords at jams and play dates. It's not as easy as it looks!

______ 5D Molly McCormack: MD/Intermediate-Advanced  Improvisation in Minor Keys

Explore the joy of improvisation, and the freedom it allows you as a player. You'll learn what notes and techniques sound great and what might not work as well. This workshop is structured like a drum circle, so at times you will play a few phrases on your own in the circle. *Bring a capo!

______ 5E DeeDee Tibbits: WHISTLE/Intermediate  Whistle III

"How do I get it to sound Irish?"

Saturday, October 15th late morning workshops (10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)

______ 6A Phyllis Woods Brown: HD/Beginner-Advanced  Playing Backup is an Essential Part of Playing Hammered Dulcimer

Have you ever been next to a hammered dulcimer player in a jam that plays nothing but melody and plays it as loudly as possible all the time? It can be downright annoying! It's been my experience that people playing other instruments want to jam with a hammered dulcimer more if that hammered dulcimer player knows how to play backup, and give someone else a moment to shine. Playing backup can be as much fun as playing melody! It's an art, and one that we should all try to learn. This class deals with just that- Playing Backup!

______ 6B Jessica Comeau: MD/Intermediate  Dolce Melos: Sweet Sounds on the Mountain Dulcimer

Learn secrets for producing smoother, gentler sounds on the mountain dulcimer. Gain greater mastery in flatpicking, sustain, smooth transitions, and clean efficient fingering. Songs for practice will include: "Beech Spring," "South Wind." "and "The Water is Wide," and our home tuning will be D-A-D.

______ 6C Dana Gruber: Ukulele/Beginner & Refresher  Calling All Ukes!

Grab your ukulele and learn basic chords and strums to play along in jam sessions. This is also a fun opportunity for former players to brush up on your skills. *Class will be taught in G-C-E-A tuning

______ 6D Molly McCormack: MD/ALL Levels  Singing With Your Dulcimer

Explore the best ways to accompany yourself or others when they sing in the key of D. We'll explore one, two, and three finger chords and chord positions all over your instrument and learn some best ways to get to them quickly.

______ 6E DeeDee Tibbits: WHISTLE/Advanced  Whistle IV

"Putting the WOW in your whistle"

Saturday Early Afternoon workshops (2:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.)

______ 7A  Phyllis Woods Brown: MD/Beginner  Good Exercising=Good Playing!

Exercises to help get you started on the right path with regard to fingering patterns, and FUN drills to help correct problems lick pick-hand/fretting hand disconnect. strum direction confusion, and pick noise. Playing needs to be fun, and with the right fundamental techniques it can be!

______ 7B Jessica Comeau: MD/Adv Beginner-Intermediate  Ancient and Medieval Hymns

Many traditional hymns of faith have roots that go back to the earlier centuries AD, either through their lyrics or their melodies. In this workshop we will introduce songs that connect with ancient or medieval prayers and melodies: "Divinum Mysterium (Of the Father's Love Begotten))," "Adoro te Devote," "In Paradisum," and "Jesu Dulcis Memoria (Phos Hilaron)." Please bring your capo!

______ 7C  Dana Gruber: MD/Intermediate-Advanced  Syncopated Jazz 

What do Duke Ellington, Forest Gump, and Peanuts have in common? Syncopated rhythm is the answer and is the secret to playing these fun tunes.

______ 7D Molly McCormack: MD/Intermediate & Up  Jamming Leadership 

Wish you start your own jam? You don't have to be the strongest player in the jam to lead one. You'll learn the skills necessary to be a strong jam leader.

______ 7E DeeDee Tibbits: HD/Intermediate  Hammered Dulcimer III

Perfecting our craft... practice techniques applied to more difficult tunes.

Saturday, October 16th late afternoon workshops (4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.)

______ 8A Phyllis Woods Brown: MD/Beginner-Intermediate  The Buttercup Jig!

A fun little jig that sounds good even when NOT played at break-neck speed! If you don't already use hammer-ons and pull-offs you will be doing them in no time with this tune. This tune is in the key of D, but goes to a C natural, so a 11/2 fret is highly recommended for this class. If you don't have one, we will make do.

______ 8B Jessica Comeau: MD/Intermediate-Advanced  Celtic Wind

Let us welcome the autumn with an elemental Celtic celebration of fall breezes! Among the songs we will be learning are "New Westin Winds," "Castle of Dromore," "and "The Wind That Shakes the Barley"; our arrangements will include ornamentation and embellishments to complement the melodies. Our home tuning will be C-G-C (only one full step lower that D-A-D tuning ad compatible with D-A-D tablature).

______ 8C Dana Gruber: MD/Intermediate  Country Tunes from Mayberry to Monroe

Let's learn some fun country tunes while focusing on intermediate level techniques. *Capo required

______ 8D Molly McCormack: MD/Beginer - Intermediate  Familiar Gospel Favorites

Learn a few gospel tunes that almost everybody knows. D-A-d tuning.

______ 8E DeeDee Tibbits:  HD/Advanced  Hammered Dulcimer IV  

Arrangements for solo performances, duets, or backing up others... and maybe a Christmas tune!